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If there’s anything the past two years have taught us, it’s that life is too short and time is NOT on our side.
So, the question then becomes, what do you want to do with the precious time you have on this planet?
Do you want to be spending it with your loved ones and doing things you love?
Or, do you want to be spending it hustling like crazy to fill your business with clients?

If you’re like me the second option makes you feel burned out just thinking about it. 

I had a big wake up call when I got pregnant with my daughter and realized I was working way too hard to keep my 7-figure business running. 

I was SO tired of…
  • Complicated online launches that require a lot of hustle to generate 1,000’s of leads only to produce tiny sales conversions that might turn a small profit after the production and marketing costs.
  • Needing to host expensive in-person events to sell high-ticket programs that are more profitable but…filling those events is a massive headache and greatly limits your reach.
  • Being a slave to your calendar when 1-1 sales calls are needed to fill your premium offers.
I have mastered these methods in my business – generating over $8 million – but it felt like an exhausting uphill battle to keep doing things the same way.

So, I got creative and experimented.

I’ve developed a new way to sell high-ticket offers ($2,000-$20,000 price point) that is far less time-consuming, far more fun and WAY more profitable!
You can host simple online events and make 5, 6, even 7 figures in just 2-3 days…
● Without time consuming one to one sales calls.

● Without the travel expenses.

● Without the facility rental fees.

● Without the complicated sales funnels.

● Without needing thousands of leads to be viable.
I have earned 6 figures in sales with just 30 prospects in attendance at one of my 2-day online events. It’s that effective. 
I recently led a 3-day virtual retreat, including 9 in-depth training sessions, where I revealed exactly how I did it. 

Now you can catch the on-demand replays to watch at your convenience!
1 Year Access to the On-Demand Replays
of 9 Training Sessions 

$997 $497
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This value-packed training shows you how to bottle up the energy of a live event and recreate the same kind of exciting, transformational experience for your clients from the comfort of their homes.

I breakdown the simple system for hosting hugely profitable and impactful online events.

This is for you if you:
  • Love to serve clients profoundly with high-ticket offers (I’ll show you how to create a new one or get better results with the one you already have).
  • Want a simple, effective way to enroll a rush of new high paying clients online. 
  •  Want to make a deeper, bigger impact with your message. 
  • ​ Crave a launch method that creates more fun connection with your ideal clients (rather than staring at numbers on a screen).
Leading Online Enrollment Events is a Fun Way to Make Great Money Doing What You Love Most – Transforming Clients! (It actually doesn’t even feel like work.)
Not only can you earn 5-figures to 7-figures in just 2-3 days, you get to skip the complication and frustration of lengthy online launches that get a tiny fraction of the sales results.  

I first discovered how awesome this method is in 2018.

Back then I decided to discontinue hosting in-person events due to my personal health challenges. Severe chemical sensitivities prevent me from being in hotels and spending extended time with large groups of people.

I was a little nervous about shifting to a virtual stage. I knew my in-person event formula enrolled high paying clients at an extremely high rate. 
I could turn a room of 50 people into $500,000 
in sales.
But I didn’t know how well this would work online – or if I could create the same powerful transformational experience with everyone attending virtually.

My concerns were gone after hosting my first virtual retreat.

I was delighted and surprised by the sense of connection I felt with my online participants. I was able to see them up close and personal in a way that isn’t possible in a big hotel ballroom.

But that’s not all. I noticed that it didn’t even feel like work! I was simply doing what I loved, teaching, helping my clients grow right there during the event.

You just can’t build that kind of personal connection in a typical online launch.

Webinars, videos, emails and sales pages have their place – they are great for attracting leads and low-ticket sales.
But they don’t create the kind of focused experience you need to inspire high ticket sales online.
Plus, in a virtual retreat, there are more seats at the table. You can easily get hundreds of people to attend and it’s much easier and faster to fill your events when your clients don’t have to figure out travel arrangements!

I also found that virtual attendees participate at a much higher level than in other launches, allowing for a more intimate connection with your audience.

Turns out when I adapted my in-person enrollment event formula to the online setting…it created huge sales results!
In my 2-day online event, I enrolled 56% of the audience into my high-ticket program – with 100% retention! And that’s with NO 1-1 sales calls.
Because this is such a high-converting sales environment, you can enroll a new group of high-end clients by having only 20 people attend your virtual event.

But you’ve got to do it right.
In 9 Training Session Recordings from my 3-Day Virtual Retreat, I share the exact formula I use to create high-profit online events that sell my high ticket offers with ease…
Here’s the breakdown:
  • You’ll learn how to create an empowering culture that inspires your clients to invest in themselves.  
  • I will divulge my step-by-step formula for creating unforgettable event content using the Energetic Arc of Desire – a surefire system that builds anticipation while creating hunger and desire for your offer. 
  • You’ll discover the proven path you need for 6-figure or 7-figure growth with my Irresistible Online Business Plan. 
  • Witness powerful coaching to position your hot-selling, high-ticket program so it attracts clients you love!
  • You’ll learn how to make high-ticket offers using an inner game secret that can DOUBLE your conversion rate! 
  • You’ll discover the simple, powerful steps to inspire your clients to commit to their growth (this is the most important element to enrolling high ticket in any setting).   
  • You’ll get the exact step-by-step formula to create your own high-profit online event. I breakdown each event section and how to strategically position your content for maximum sales success. 
  • I’m also going to share how to avoid the common mistakes that may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost sales from your online events (I’ve figured these out the hard way so you don’t have to!) 
  • ​You’ll also discover the best and easiest way to remove the obstacles that keep people from saying “yes” and motivate them into decisive action. 
  • You’ll learn how to structure and package your own high-ticket program so it’s an easy YES for your ideal clients. 
  • Get the proven secrets to craft captivating titles for your program (and the online event that fills it) so you stand out and quickly attract the right people. 
Bonus ($197 Value):
Create Your Hot-Selling High-Ticket Program Course
This on-demand video series course gives you more in-depth training to position your offer for sales success and create an enticing program that attracts high-paying clients. You’ll discover the secrets to choose your bestselling program topic, tips to name your program so it stands out, and how to structure your program so it sells with ease and profits. 

- Jennifer Darling
“I made $120,000 in sales from my virtual retreat! My clients had an amazing experience, and that was super fulfilling.”
“I just wrapped up my first hugely successful Lucrative Leads Virtual Retreat, which Vrinda helped me create. I’ve done retreats before but I haven’t had anywhere near the success that I had in this retreat.

I learned how to take people through a certain process and agenda. I used to just spill my guts with all the information I had to share. I didn’t know that wasn’t a very transformational way of doing it.

With Vrinda I learned how to incorporate more personal development stuff into my business topic. I received tons of emails from people saying they had an amazing experience. That was super fulfilling for me.

In addition, I made $120,000 in sales from this retreat! I have Vrinda to thank for that. She played a key role in making sure every detail was spot on so I could create a transformation for my clients and myself.”

-Penelope Jane Smith
Financial Freedom Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs
“I made 6-figures from 1 event with Vrinda’s help. My events have become more profitable with higher conversions, and my messaging is more magnetic to my ideal clients.”
“I started working with Vrinda because I wanted to up-level my event sales results and my online presence overall. We totally revamped the copy for my website – it’s hot, it’s awesome, it speaks exactly to my ideal client.
We also revamped how I was delivering my events, live and virtual. And oh my God, we surpassed every goal I set for myself!
When I did my first live event after maternity leave, I generated over $125,000 in sales! Then I turned it into an online event and did over $225,000 in sales!

I can continue to replicate and build on my results with the copy and systems I created with Vrinda. If you’re looking to up your online presence, then you definitely want to work with Vrinda – she’s brilliant.” 

-Maile Collmer
Master Referral Coach
“In my first virtual retreat, I had 25 attendees and generated over $10,000 in revenue!”
Before working with Vrinda, I just couldn’t get conversions and confidence with an online sales process. I really wanted to grow my business to the next level, and I knew I needed bigger online systems. 

Vrinda is phenomenal. She has the templates and the step-by-step processes that made it really easy for me to follow and feel more comfortable. Online marketing can be daunting and overwhelming. Vrinda had the support I needed to feel like I could do it. 

Then I did my first virtual retreat, and I actually only marketed it for 2 weeks. I had 25 attendees. Out of that I generated over $10,000 in revenue! I’m super stoked with my results. 

If you’re looking to grow your business online, Vrinda is the professional I definitely recommend!

-Ritamarie Loscalzo
“My business is now earning over a million dollars a year! It’s very exciting.”
“In the earlier days of my business I got some copywriting coaching from Vrinda. Had great success with it and carried it through many launches over the years. 

More recently I started working with Vrinda again at a higher level. I was at a point where my business had been growing quite rapidly, but it was exhausting me because I was doing a dozen launches a year. It was not sustainable. 

Vrinda helped me simplify my very complex business plan so we were doing only four launches a year. Then last year I crossed the 7-figure mark in my business! Very exciting.

Vrinda has a way with words and working with her boosted my copy conversion results. We did a couple of really big launches, one had 25,000 opt-ins and doubled our list. 

I learned that I can work less and still make the kind of income and impact I want.” 
Leading high-profit online events is the best way to grow your business while doing what you love. You’re naturally sharing your gifts and making great money, all from the comfort of your home!
The recordings of this in-depth training are valued at $997. 

This is NOT a pitch fest with shallow information and lots of offers.

This is an intensive course that will lift you up and leave you feeling more clear, prepared and empowered to skyrocket your business online. 

In fact, the value-rich information I’m sharing is so effective, I want it in the hands of more purpose-driven entrepreneurs. I want you to grow your programs, help more clients and change lives with your expertise. 

Together we’re creating a ripple of positive transformation all over the world.

Right now, I’m offering a 50% discount on the complete video replays of the 3-day online event. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
“What if I’m not sure what kind of event to hold?”
No problem. As you’ll see, this formula works for 2 and 3-day virtual retreats and I’ll give you an outline for how to do both.
I’ll show you how to package and position your high-ticket offer, whether you’re creating a new one or revamping an existing one.
Then I’ll show you how to develop an enticing enrollment event that attracts your ideal clients and gets them excited about your offer.  
If you want to make a bigger difference with your gifts and serve more people online, this is for you.

“Am I ready to host an online event?”
If you have a compelling purpose and you know your work can help people, you’re ready. You don’t even need to know your high ticket offer or exactly how it will all look. We’ll help you gain more clarity about that at the event.   

Can it really be as profitable as a live event?
YES! I spent years hosting live events in big hotels for hundreds of people. And they worked incredibly well for generating high-ticket sales.

So of course, I was nervous when my health forced me to the virtual stage, but I can tell you that doing so was the best decision I have ever made.

My online events have converted as high as 56% of the audience into my high-ticket program with 100% retention!

Plus, the profitability skyrocketed because I had none of the expenses to produce an in-person event.

Hosting online events is far less stressful, and I can easily schedule them around my time with my daughter so my business no longer competes with my family!
“Will this really work for my niche?”
This works in any niche where you’re helping people change and grow. When you design your online event correctly you create an experience that facilitates a real transformation for your clients.

When your attendees experience a change during your event, they begin to enroll themselves into working with you. You are enrolling while you are teaching!

Webinars and video series and other online methods simply don’t allow you the chance to create deep transformation on the spot with your potential clients.

That’s why online events following my unique format work so well at creating high ticket sales – they inspire people to commit to their growth.
What if I’m not tech savvy? Can I do this?
It’s actually fairly simple to host an online event using zoom technology. You can also hire an online event coordinator or virtual assistant to help you moderate the tech side of things while you teach your content.

The beauty of this is that it’s online and therefore easy for hundreds of people around the world to access so you can make the big impact you want to make!
Will I have the energy to lead for 2 or 3 days?
I struggle with limitations on my energy because I have long term health challenges. Protecting my energy is really important to me. I will be teaching you formats for both 2 and 3-day events. These do not have to be full days!

I’ll be giving you easy tips to help manage your energy. That said, leading your event and connecting with your audience will actually give you energy! You’ll feel inspired, fulfilled and the “good” kind of tired that comes with spending energy on doing what you love.
-Kathleen Graham 
“My husband and I have earned over $3 million from applying Vrinda’s systems. I feel so empowered - I know anything is possible.”
“While mentoring with Vrinda for 2 years, I created a beautiful business and a very successful platform that I am benefiting from tremendously.

Vrinda nailed the name of my new brand and niche within the first 5 minutes of meeting me. Since working with her, I went from having no email list to a 10,000 person list at this point. 

In just the first year, I grew my revenues by $100,000!

Then I learned how to host a 3-day live event where you offer people the opportunity to work with you in a more intensive year long program. Vrinda taught me how to structure the content and design and deliver my offer. I did about $200,000 in sales in that event and filled my first Wild Women in Love Inner Circle!

I’ve also applied my copywriting skills to help grow my husband’s business. Between the two of us, we have earned around $3 million dollars from Vrinda’s systems. 

One of the greatest aspects of working with Vrinda is how much I grew as a woman leader. Now I feel so empowered, I know anything is possible. Working with Vrinda has been an exceptional experience. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to successfully grow their mission in the world.”

-Christina Morassi 
“I made over half a million dollars in the first year! Vrinda gave me the tools to do it in a sustainable way.”
“When I first met Vrinda, I had grown a 6-figure business, but I knew that I needed the next step. I was sort of running my business by the seat of my pants. It was time for more systems, for live events. It was time to go a lot bigger and get a lot more grounded. 
Working with Vrinda was absolutely phenomenal. We had my whole year mapped out, with an online program launch and a live event. Then we created the upsell for the live event, into the group program. 

The biggest piece is to really open up to what your mentor can see for you. You really can’t see accurately because you only can see what you know, and what's possible for you is so outside of what you can see and know.

Since working with Vrinda, I have tripled my email list. I had my first live event with over a hundred people. 

In just my first year of working with her, I made over half a million dollars! There's something extraordinary that's happening, and it really feels like I've stepped more and more into my power. Vrinda has given me the tools to do that in a sustainable way.”

-Laura Cornell 
“I’ve made over $1.5 Million in sales! Vrinda gives phenomenally clear systems that are easy to follow.”
“When I met Vrinda, I had just done my first telesummit but I didn’t really know what to do with my email list. I knew I needed more support. I needed to uplevel my money consciousness. 

Vrinda showed me what to do and gave me a whole bunch of systems that I was able to implement. She is amazing at structuring, and she gives phenomenally clear instructions that are easy to follow.

Vrinda helped me create the program titles that attracted our audience so I could reach the people that I wanted to help. 

Within one year, I made $200,000, which was kind of incredible because before that I had never made more than $20,000. It's amazing.

My revenues continued to grow each year, as I offered more powerful programs and enrolled clients at a higher level. 

In just 5 years I’ve made over $1.5 million in sales!

-Tori Hartman
“My first two launches earned $50,000 - Vrinda gave me the ability to think bigger!”
“I’m a published author and the creator of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. When I met Vrinda I needed to grow my online business and keep up with the visibility my books and cards were attracting.

Even just one session with Vrinda was the most amazing experience. She gave me the bestselling title of my new course right away, Life Purpose Divinations. 

I did two launches for that program earning about $50,000. Then I went on to do more courses and summits that grew my business beyond 6-figures. 

Vrinda is the master at this. She’s brilliant at really tuning in. The biggest thing she gave me was the ability to think bigger

She’s so frickin’ wise. She’s always evolving her content and looking for ways to give to you from her heart.” 
Learning how to host lucrative online events is the smartest thing you can do right now for your business.
When you learn how to create intimate and inspiring virtual enrollment events, you can continue to grow your income and make a bigger impact no matter what’s happening in the world around you!

It’s a safety net that allows you to keep going, keep helping and keep earning even when in-person events shut down.
But that’s not all.

It gives you the flexibility and peace of mind to deliver short, simple and profitable events over just 2 or 3 days instead of devoting months to building a complicated launch.
High-Profit Online Events are your ticket to FREEDOM!
1 Year Access to the On-Demand Replays
of 9 Training Sessions 

$997 $497
50% off replays sale ends in